18th July 2017
Eclipse Window Tinting
2nd April 2017



Web Design Project Description

Cumulus Funding is a company that firmly believes that the hard-working labor force of the USA is our single greatest asset. They founded their company on the belief that the American worker should have easy access to capital, giving them the means to turn their ideas into reality. Using the companies main concerns and aspirations as a launching point, we created a website that fits in line with their company’s mission to make personal funding easy to understand and quick to execute. Our first task was creating a streamlined application page. We decided to maximize targeting marketing capabilities by adding a personalized forum with unique URL’s. This gives the company the option to automatically fill out parts of the form for the customer and send them a unique URL leading them to their partially filled application form. This will encourage them to fill out the remainder of the forum, as half of the work has already been done for them. Our involvement encompassed a robust re branding; incorporating the company’s passion for what they do into a user-friendly, visually pleasing design. We also created a mobile version of the site with access to the website content and the funding application directly from any smartphone or tablet. We updated their FAQ and Our Product Pages and created info graphics for their processes and products and we constructed an Our Team page to showcase the passionate and hard-working faces behind Cumulus Funding. Finally, we incorporated their financial blog into their website for a more streamlined user experience.