4 Tips for a Successful Content Strategy

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2nd April 2017

As marketing develops into a targeted, data-centric field, it's more critical than ever to ensure that your content has a dominant presence.

Many companies, especially small businesses, fight to keep their content marketing strategy on track. With continually changing trends in social media, influencer marketing, and additional media, it can be difficult just to determine a plan, let alone keep it up to date.
However, as marketing grows into a targeted, data-centric field, it’s more critical than ever to ensure that your content has a strong
Try specific tips to help your content strategy succeed.

1. Use an editorial calendar

Whether you type it up in a spreadsheet or use a plug-in for your CMS, an excellent exposition schedule can focus your content aims and help you accomplish them. Keep a list of topics along with the best means for producing the content. Good content policies will diversify and include various compositions, such as infographics, videos, social media campaigns, blogs, press announcements and more. Use the editorial calendar to plan out when you want content posted, but avoid focusing on too many details. Topics can be
shifted around to suit trends in your industry, and formats can be changed or merged if it works best for the piece.

2. Be trendy

Know what’s operating in your industry, and share this information with your audience through new setups. Try a webinar or go live on Facebook. Create a quiz or contest. Don’t be anxious to fail at something new. Not every factor will work for your audience, but you can learn a lot from the campaigns that don’t work. If you see a new challenge that matches your trademarks voice, make it a superiority to try that next. You never know which piece of content will go viral.

3. Invest in your content creators

Doing everything yourself is incredibly difficult, so it’s important to have a good team backing you up. Having a strong team will allow the workflow to continue even if one person is out and will help to create a more cohesive voice throughout your content. Building a rapport with your content creators will ensure they understand both your brand voice and goals, whether they are internal or external. The more invested they are in the company, the better the content will be. Find people who create content that best showcases your brand and is willing to listen to their ideas.

4. Analyze everything

With so much data now available, content marketers have unlimited numbers to help them determine what’s working and what’s not. Keep track of when content is posted; send reminders to customers that may have missed it at a different time and see which does better. Try different newsletter styles to see if one has a better open rate. Look over your social media posts and engagement rates to develop a strategy for each platform tailored to that audience. Adjust your strategy often to keep it running smoothly.

Having a good content strategy is essential for every business. By constantly evaluating that strategy, you’ll have a better chance of meeting those goals and staying on track.

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